7 Industries that will not go into Extinction in the Next 30 Years

Most of us have jobs, which put food on our tables, keep cash in our wallets, and keeps us surviving or living. However, what if in the next ten to fifteen years, your job crashes in some whatever way you cannot figure out right now. What are you going to do? Are you going to be reduced into the poverty section, go into debt, or just survive anyways with little or no money in your wallet to start over again? This is exactly what is happening right now this year 2020. Since the emergence of the new COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been degraded into the unemployment section; they have lost their jobs and demoted, almost to the poverty section.   However, there are certain businesses you might venture into or skill, which you may possess that will never become obsolete in 10 years to come. Here in this article, I am going to list and explain skills and jobs that can never go into obliteration even as the global pandemic continues to grow wings.

  1. Food Industry:  It is quite clear that everyone needs food to survive. We need food to keep good health, energy and even thinking abilities -that is to improve our brain.  The food industry especially the agricultural sector can never go obsolete. People need food. Therefore, if you are a smart one you can start a nutritional food business and you create a brand. It fetches you, money and your bank account will be happy at you.

2. Health Sector: Health is an integral part of survival as a human being. We need good health for us to live longer. The world would need more doctors, nurses, surgeons, and more pharmaceutical organizations to keep providing us vaccines for diseases and infections. So if you are indispensable in the health sector, be ready to make a lot of money.

3. Media and Entertainment Industry: Everyone needs some entertainment after a long hectic day. Everyone wants some good music to listen to, movies to help their brain relax, read the news, get information on how to improve their standard of living. These can basically come to reality through the media and entertainment industry. Hundreds of movies are being produced every year; thousands of good music recorded every year around the globe to make us feel relaxed, better, and to keep us away from mental stress.

The Media is not left out. Apart from food and water, we also live on the information. We want to know what’s going on around the world, we want to get more information on a particular topic. So if you are a journalist working for a reputable news agency like CNN or Al Jazeera, be ready to get more reports done to disseminate to the people. And you know what? Money becomes your friend.

4. Technology: We live in a world of technology now. Almost everyone uses an Android or iOS, or Microsoft devices. We use these devices to further digitalize our lives. Almost everything we do is now in the digital form. This is the phenomenal power technology has. It has taken control of the universe virtually in every aspect of life. So if you’re brilliant and you have an idea of how you can sell your technological ideas to the world, you’re going to get tired of money because it is going to bug you.

5. Real Estate and Housing: Apart from all I have mentioned above, there is this important amenity that we human beings need and that is a place to sleep; shelter. We need a house to sleep in. The real estate and housing agency take care of this. And if you’re in this industry or sector, wealth isn’t far from you.

6. Education: Yes, education is the best legacy. Without education, the world wouldn’t be what it is today. Probably, we would still be in the stone era. This line of business, people will continue to patronize until the conversion of the Jews.

7. Freelancing: People, having lost their jobs in the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic do not really know what to do. And there are chances that their jobs will never come back even after the pandemic must have passed. This is why it’s always advisable to learn a new skill. Digital skills. If you go to freelancing websites like Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer, MediaBistro, etc, you’ll find thousands of freelance jobs from willing-to-pay clients. The freelance jobs include digital copywriting, content writing, programming, graphics designing, photography and video editing, etc. If you possess expertise in any of these skills, thousands of people around the globe are willing to pay you hundreds and thousands of dollars for your services. Freelancing has unchained many people from the financial jail into financial freedom.




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