Fans react over Big Wiz removing Yhemo Lee’s hand off his shoulder

Netizens have reacted after spotting the very moment controversial Nigerian singer Wizkid removing Yhemo Lee’s hand from his shoulder in a video recently.

In the video that has since been trending on social media was Yhemo Lee walking with Wizkid before entering a club putting his hand on Wizkid’s shoulder.

Barely few steps of walking together and Yhemo Lee putting his hand on Wizkid’s shoulder, Wizkid moved his hand toward his own shoulder that seemed he removed Yhemo Lee’s hand off his shoulder and this has caused a serious buzz online.

While this video is trending, some fans doubted what most people are painting the scene in video to look like and describing it as a misinterpretation.

However in another video, it was clearly seen that Yhemo Lee was greeting Wizkid on his first arrival, and Wizkid was the first to put his hand on Yhemo Lee’s shoulder.

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@Derahback wrote “Yhemolee put hand for Wizkid shoulder, Wizkid commot him hand. Oloshi wan famz Wiz”

@baba_d _”Wizkid is like messi…too much grace”

@an_na_bella11 _”Wizkid na celeb to all celebrities!!!… I said what I said”

@mogbonjubola_giwa _”He was greeting someone, He didn’t remove his hand. Even Wizkid put hand for Yhemolee shoulder at some point. Y’all always wanna paint him proud and you know what? He won’t even bother to clear the air continue with your assumptions. Ita lawaaaaaa”

@mikun.x _”That was not the video I saw, their hands were both on each other but what do I know”

@blackboyleague_ “na lie the full video wiz sef put hand for him shoulder Eyin olofooo yiii”

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