“If not for the greed of Mark Angel, Emmanuella would’ve been the biggest comedian in Nigeria “— a Doctor says

A popular Twitter user with the username Dr Penking has said that Emmanuella would have been the biggest comedian in Nigeria if not for Mark Angel’s greed.

Emmanuella became famous in the entertainment industry at a tender age after her cousin, Mark Angel introduced her into it and they have since be making comedy videos together.

Recall that Dr Penking was the same Twitter user that accused Mercy Eke for changing the colours of her car and flaunting it on social media as a new one in some months ago after she posted that she has gotten another new Range Rover.

According to Dr Penking, it’s the greed of Mark Angel that has made Emmanuella small and irrelevant in the industry at the moment. Though he didn’t give insight details on which he made this declaration.

Dr Penking made this statement on Twitter on a video Emmanuella made and posted on social media recently.

“If not for Mark Angel’s greed, this girl would have been the biggest comedian in Nigeria at the moment”— Dr Penking tweeted.

See tweet and video


@olakennyd—’Your captions are always misleading and we both know why. Keep going”

@Cheenayydoo—”Lmaoo Emmanuella wasn’t even funny. Mark angel made her whatever she is now. Rest with this rubbish agenda. Greed una”

@Alphardscrib—”I no agree with this caption and besides! She’s doing good for herself at just 14″

@Iamdomi3—”Just imagine. Like it or not, Mark Angel has done more for this girl than even her parents”

@Oludaily_—”There was no greed anywhere…..His sister is living a beautiful life and focusing on her study, people lost interest because she’s growing up already.”

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