Jay Boogie apologizes to Nigerians, says he never scammed anyone

Nigerian transgender, Jay Boogie on his kneels has apologized to Nigerians and also say that he did not scammed anyone of their money.

According to him, the news going all round that he used fake medical diagnosis to seek for help and donations from Nigerians are all “fake news”.

While having a standing-interview with Instagram content creator, Egungun, Jay Boogie revealed how good he feels being a transgender and a female because he has always wanted to be one.

The 25-year-old transgender also gave a hint on how he got his butts and how it’s complications almost took his life after being asked by Egungun and said his pop-out breast are real.

Still on his kneels, Jay Boogie tendered an apology to Nigerians and corrected the motion that he scammed people with ‘fake medical diagnosis’.

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