Lady cries out over abusive “baby daddy” who keeps stalking her

A young beautiful lady has cried out after her abusive “baby daddy” keeps stalking and harassing her on social media.

The lady whose username on Twitter is Lavida_queen said she has been running for her life for months because of the same baby daddy.

Lavida as she posted photos capturing bruises allover her body inflicted by her baby daddy narrated that the baby daddy identified as Edegbe broke into her former apartment and stole her belongings and put them for sale. Items like clothes, shoes, bags and her hair.

In a series of tweets, Lavida shared a WhatsApp messages she received from him pouring insults and abusive words on her, calling her different names. Adding that her baby daddy has been spreading fake rumor about her that she left him because she wanted to indulge into prostitution, as well stating that she has relocated three times to different apartments because of him.

The young lady, Lavida said she is tired of running, hiding and changing phone numbers, noting that if anything should happen to her people should hold her baby daddy responsible.

“For the past few months I have been running for my life as my abusive baby daddy won’t let me be, he’s been harassing me online and stalking me everywhere, 5 months ago he broke into my old apartment and stole all my belongings, my clothes, shoes, bags, hairs and items for sale.

“This guy won’t stop, he’s constantly sending me threats and using different WhatsApp accounts to text me, he won’t return my things too…. I’m really tired twitter help me cos the police are not helping.

“This is the 3rd apartment I’m moving to this year this monster won’t let me be, calling me names and spreading lies about me, he keeps telling people I left him cos I wanted to prostitute, I left him cos of the abuse. He even admitted to wanting to spread these fake rumors,” Lavida posted.

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