Mohbad’s father in the studio singing (video)

In a video on Twitter, the father of late singer Mohbad, Joseph Aloba is seen singing in the studio recently.

It’s of no news of how painful it was after the demise of Mohbad also known as Imole went viral, and how his former boss, Naira Marley and Sam Larry were accused and blamed for his death.

However, autopsy that was suppose to reveal the real cause of Mohbad’s death is yet to be released by the Lagos police after his body was exhumed from his grave .

Barely months after singer Mohbad died, his father went to the studio to drop a song, and now a video of him back in the studio singing has being in the mouths of many netizens.

See video


@official_adags—”Which kain wahallur be this? What kinda dramatic family is this Abi I go talk say na Jazz? Them dey Jazz a whole family?”

@tobsmall—”I don’t know why everyone is bashing the man for this. Won’t be live his life again? Let the man breathe and continue what his son has started via gospel music. Everyone will still stream and play the song when it drops so what’s the fuss about?”

@sahih_abu—”He knows they’re gonna stream…he knows the market!”

@Pokkerrr—”He is taking from where his son stopped nau”

@Dave_the_123—”Why do I feel ashamed for this man , why is it after his sons death he knows it the right time to start singing again.”

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