Nigerian Police caught on camera trying to extort money from a Netherlands biker

A video trending on social media shows some Nigerian Police officers trying to extort money from a female biker who is from Netherlands.

The Netherlands biker was stopped at a police check point and was asked where she was going, and she answered that she is going to Abuja.

The police officers who were acting strange and surprised after questioning demanded money from the female biker.

However, it was not obviously seen that the Netherlands biker gave the police officers any money.

See video


@teaplusphotography— “Money wey dem suppose use train and upgrade these police men, some people don use am do renovations and buy SUV… see how we’re being embarrassed”

@khingbassey —”This one na normal police doings for Naija. Extortion is a whole different level”

@dr_dose—”I honestly don’t even blame these guys anymore. The government has put them in this situation”

@korede_lagos —”What i see in the video is not a forced attempt to take bribe from the lady, but all the same, a disrespect to the Force. These men in uniform don’t know how respectable their profession is. But can we blame them when a common ineffective Local Govt Councillor earns times 10 what these men earn in a month? Nigeria is not working for the right people”

@_deagram —”The moment they heard Netherlands that’s where they took it serious.”

@titikuti_official—”What an embarrassment embarrass”

@ito_han —”I don’t know why this is sooooo funny to me the moment they heard Netherlands matter changed “you gimme something””

@topbakerng _”Really sad. This happens everyday everywhere in this country. You can’t take a 1hr drive even in a neighbourhood”

@donfadiga 1 —”Nigeria get police and olokpa, This ones na olokpa not police”

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