“Nigerians should be allowed to have guns to defend themselves”— Senator Ned Nwoko

Nigerian senator Ned Nwoko has said that Nigerians should be allowed and licensed to have guns to defend themselves since the security agencies are finding it difficult to curb security in the country.

Ned speaking on live interview with AriseNews concerning security in the country said that they have “experimented” with the police and military for almost 24 years but have not yield to what it was suppose to be.

Liberalization of gun law in Nigeria Ned explained that terrorist and bandits terrorizing the country have it because they have fire arms, and allowing Nigerians access to gun ammunition is the only way the government can reassure the citizens.

Ned further said that gun training should be made as sport in schools and shooting ranges available in all part of the country, and anyone who want to have a gun license should have it through a shooting range school with medical report of mental stability provided.

Still on security in the country, Ned said prominent people having many security men around themselves shouldn’t be because when there is security, all that will not be needed.

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