OAP Dotun reacts over trending video of businesswoman who charge in dollars

OAP Dotun has reacted to a trending video of a Nigerian designer and businesswoman, Victoria James popularly known as Veekee James who charges clients dollars in Nigeria.

In the viral video, Veekee James explained that the main reason she charges in dollars is because of it exchange rate to naira.

She further narrated that if she buy a fabric in dollar, she wouldn’t receive payment in naira due to the fluctuating price of dollar to naira and she is likely to make a loss if she charges clients in naira.

Dotun who was partially not in support for Veekee to be charging dollars even in Nigeria said that in other countries business people there always charge clients in their own local currencies.

Dotun taking to his social media handle, clarified that he’s not against her charging in dollars but it’s a “wrong take” for her to also be charging clients in foreign currencies even in Nigeria, according to him.

an absolute wrong take. Americans charge you in dollars. British charge you in pounds not naira. Even, you have to convert your own Naira to pay them in their own currency. No one said u shld not charge. In Nigeria, charge in Naira. Others, charge them in their own currency,” Dotun posted.

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Netizens who did slack behind also took to the comment section to drop their own thoughts

@Deribb_”Charge in Naira so you can listen to the sound of the millions by yourself 😂
It’s easy to say $100k than to say 150million naira”

I’m dealing with you here in Nigeria and you’re charging me in dollars?
Ko need nah.
Tell me the equivalent in Naira. If I have, I’d pay. Then, when you want to buy from anywhere you want to buy, pay them in their currency.
Ko si stress.”

@dillikonko_”Nonsense talk. Some of us do businesses that involve forex and are affected daily by these fluctuations as well.
In Nigeria we MUST charge in naira and not any other currency.
Only if we had a govt or system up to it’s duties, she wouldn’t be saying this.”

@jaephotography_”If a photographer in this country charges her in dollars , she go pay ?”

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