Video: Breast cancer survivor shares story of how her husband took the money donated for her treatment

A breast cancer survivor, Yetunde Sanusi shares her story after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sharing her story in an interview with popular socialite Aproko Doctor, narrated how she got to know she has breast cancer that was on grade two, and how medical treatment was suggested to her.

During this period, Yetunde said she was contemplating death because the thought of her children and dying were running through her mind, but then she was told that because she discovered it on time she can survive it.

Yetunde said that while she was going through all the cancer’s symptoms, her husband told her on her face that she is a witch because he was told that it’s only witches that has Cancer.

And when she was preparing for her second chemotherapy, her husband left and abandoned her. Feeling abandoned and going through treatment, she told her estranged husband that she can’t take care of the children that he will have to take one of them and he took her first son.

Yetunde said she was lending her estranged husband money that was suppose to be for her treatment, and after he has taken N600k plus from her account she discovered that it was empty

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