VIDEO:70-year-old Man reveals faces of the ladies he has sl€pt with to mark his birthday, says more are still to be added

A 70-year-old man has revealed some faces of the ladies he has had sexual intercourse with since his young days to this present day.

The 70-year-old womanizer who has been ‘poieing” since 1970s said he has tested various ladies that are from different part of Nigeria, and he knows how they taste.

This same 70-year-old ex husband of Amara Nwosu initially released the names of the women he has slept with in Nigeria, adding that he’s still to compile more women to the list.

He conclusively advised that to meet his womanizing record, one needs to start “poieing” at the age of 15, adding he normally handle three to four women a day, but now two to three a week due to his old age.

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@Ladytaeofficial—”I hope this man understands the gravity of these actions”

@official_adags—”Some of them fit don even marry now so imagine say this man post your mama or your sister now
How the person go feel?”

@Uncle_Onos—”This is very wrong in all aspect. The fact that you slept with a lady and had a photo together doesn’t give you the right to publish such private intimate moments without her consent.
I hope one of these ladies summons the courage and file a defamatory suite against this obvious “agbaya”.This is totally unacceptable.”

@dedoyinajayi—”Granted that he’s not profoundly foolish. Does he not have anyone within his circle, that has a lick of sense? No one to advice him against this folly? No one at all?”

@dammygtnet—”What is this man up to? Most of these ladies are now wives. I don’t think this is necessary coming from someone of his age. I have never heard a fool at 70 bf now. People close to him should advise him to drop all these shenanigans.”

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