“you should be careful and fear people when Dey behind you”— VeryDarkMan calls out Sabinus over failing to show up at a show in Calabar

Popular socialite known as VeryDarkMan has called out Nigerian controversial comedian, Sabinus over not appearing in a show he was booked and paid for in Calabar.

According to VeryDarkMan, he was called by someone in the evening on the same day when he was getting ready for a video shoot of Phyno and BurnaBoy, that they booked Sabinus for a show but later told them at late time that he won’t be coming because he has an appointment somewhere else and he returned the money he was paid for the show.

Due to VeryDarkMan being known for always speaking the truth, he is the only one that can come to Calabar and tell the audience that have already bought  ticket for the show that comedian Sabinus will no longer be coming for the show  because it’s the first time they are hosting the show in Calabar and people won’t think that they used Sabinus to sellout tickets.

VeryDarkMan said he had to abandon the video shoot he was suppose to have with Phyno and BurnaBoy and travelled to Calabar to break the news of Sabinus not coming for the show to the people in Calabar.

After noticing a trend on Twitter, VeryDarkMan saw a video of comedian Sabinus with BurnaBoy, meaning that he was in the video shoot VeryDarkMan abandoned to  travel to Calabar to address the issue of Sabinus not appearing in the show.

VeryDarkMan then threw a piece of advice at comedian Sabinus that he shouldn’t compromise anyone and should also be careful of upcoming people.

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