“You will get married and have kids but one of your children won’t be able to speak”—BBN Bella lays curse on troll who voice-shamed her

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Bella Okagbue has laid a horrible curse on an internet user after voice-shaming her online.

The offset of this was when Bella posted a video of her boyfriend, Sheggz vibing to a song titled “Nack” sang by the Therapist via her Instagram story recently.

While she was recording the video, Bella was singing alongside the song as Sheggz was vibing to it, but her voice that was coming out from the background of the video didn’t sit well with one Twitter user with the username Jessica.

Jessica who also posted the same video of Bella tagged Bella’s voice with a crying and a laughing memes.

Bella after seeing what Jessica, the Twitter user posted sent a direct message laying a curse on her that one of her children will be voiceless and she won’t be able to find a solution to the problem.

Bella wrote;”For the first time, I will pray for a stranger from the bottom of my heart. You will have money, You will get married, you will even have kids but one of your kids won’t be able to speak, won’t have a voice. You will fly that child round the world seeking for a solution but you won’t find. Mark my words today. Typed this with tears in my eyes and so shall it be. I’m somebody’s daughter and I have a voice. It may not sound like a regular girls voice but she’s glad I’m able to speak. You shall know no peace, ljn. Amen. Save todays date.”

Jessica however reacted that she didn’t post the video to “hurt or say anything mean” to Bella just that it is “honestly funny”.

This is really sad because I posted that video without any intention of harming or saying anything mean. It was just funny honestly this hurts fr,” Jessica reacted.


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