Young Man about to enter into fraud due to multiple rejections from Nigeria’s security agency(video)

A young and vibrant young man is set to move out of legitimacy as to enter into fraudulent activity due to multiple rejections from Nigeria’s security agencies.

The young man whose name was not identified narrated with proofs that he has applied into various Nigeria’s security agencies but only get declined.

He has took forms and applied into the Nigeria Army Force three time, Navel twice, police and immigration but could not get accepted neither in all of them.

After all these attempts and seemed like there is no other option, the young Nigerian man has now decided to go into fraud.

People on social media has taken to comment section to express their minds and how sad they felt after watching the video

@_Faithforyou wrote “Omo go do fraud bro” you about to waste your life despite all your efforts in making it legally.”

@JayJay__92 “Nigeria is really a depressing place right now, it has nothing good to offer except you have connections, that’s how deep Nepotism has eaten into the country.”

“Societal pressure would push people to do things they never thought of…the last part of the video shows a frustrated man willing to do anything to survive”

“This country is something else, can this one now see a link to join illegal money making and say no? When he has already tried all his best and the country keeps failing us. It is well o”

“Never give up bro fraud is not an option,I have a friend who also suffered the same thing but now he’s finally in the army his dream came through at last God no forget you my brother”

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